8 Minute Meditation – Week 3

Here I am, three week’s into Victor Davich’s “8 Minute Meditation”.

The test this week is to notice a body part sensation, make it your focal point and then wait for it to be replaced by another sensation in another body part.   My problem this week is everything feels like an itch and I have to fight the urge to scratch.  I am sure that this is not what should be happening, and doubt is starting to settle in.

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8 Minute Meditation – Week 2

I’ve done something I’ve never done before, a full week of meditation.   Was it everything I thought it would be, no, but that is ok according to the book “8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich .

Week 1 wasn’t so bad, and week 2 doesn’t seem all that difficult, at least in theory.   This week’s exercise is the “Naked Sound”, and since I seem to be comfortable meditating in my cozy Lay-Z-Boy in the basement, I don’t know how much “Naked Sound” I can expect.   Besides the constant drone of a computer fan, some other ‘always on’ electrical components, it’s pretty quiet in my basement.   Well, there is that 3 year old jumping around upstairs to contend with, so without focusing on those rhythmic bangs from the bottom of her sneakers on my hardwood floor, it’s time to focus on the sound.

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8 Minute Meditation – Week 1

Today is my first day with my meditation handbook, “8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich and I am excited to begin.   And truth be told, I’m shocked that I have been looking forward to my first session.

It’s a good day to begin.  Not only is it a Sunday, but it is also Christmas.  So this is my gift to myself.  It’s also a good excuse to begin because we can pretty much all agree that the holidays bring a lot of stress.

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