Ten Items You Will Want When Preparing for a Colonoscopy

It’s that time again, time for the dreaded Colonoscopy! Below is my list of 10 not so serious ways to pass the time when preparing for a colonoscopy.

“Butt” Why?

It has been several years since my last upper and lower scoping and I’m not even 40!  Since I recently switched GI doctors, my new doctor feels that getting a new baseline is a good start in our relationship.   Now I use the term “relationship” here ummm, loosely?

What lead me up to this dreaded date with the doctor?

I’ve been having digestive issues for a few years now.   My Celiac is under control, blood tests and previous upper GI’s have concluded that my diet is in check.   However, there is something else that isn’t quiet right.   My previous doctor chalked things up to just being “IBS” and I needed to learn to live with it.   That wasn’t alright with me.

We discussed running some breath tests, but my new doctor feels that jumping right into some updated scoping is in order.

Let the preparing for a colonoscopy begin!

My last time around was a simple drink that I had to start in the afternoon.  I was only a few sips into it before I was “running”.  The long hours and what seemed for days behind a closed-door followed.  And to be honest, I wasn’t sure I was even going to make it to my appointment.  I couldn’t stop!

This time around, my prepping is a little different.     The plan now is to start with a 10 ounce bottle of Citrate of Magnesia before bed two days before the main event.  The day before is a fun day chugging  two doses of Suprep.  Fun times ahead!

Making the best of a bad situation

Mr. Celiac’s “Top 10” Items You Will Want When Preparing for a Colonoscopy

I’ve stocked up on what I think might be helpful this time around.  Yes – there is humor in this post!

#10 – Toilet Paper

I ordered a case of toilet paper from Amazon.  That’s 36 rolls dropped off to my door by Mr Mailman!

#9 Jello

The menu will only be clear fluids only, ices, and Lemon / Lime Jello

#8 Squatty Potty

Let me say, this was one of the craziest items I purchased for the task.  I’ve owned the Squatty Potty for several months now, and I can’t believe how well it works.   I’d love to write a full review, but heck, why not let them tell you how it works!

#7 Neo 120 Bidet

Because cleanliness is next to godliness, and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Yes – I was a bit hesitant at first, but let me tell you….. you have to discover this one for yourself.  And at the price of these things, you really can’t go wrong.   What’s the worst that happens, you try it once and don’t use it?     Let me tell you, a Neo 120 Bidet a great conversation piece!

#6 Entertainment

An ipod with Bluetooth Headphones will help pass the countless hours.

#5 Audible Books

There are a number of books I have yet to “read” in my waiting list.  I hope I don’t use all the credits in my Audible account in one day!

#4 Podcasts

My favorite podcasts should keep my mind going, should I get tired of listening of someone else reading to me (See Number 5)

#3 – Sneakers

A pair of running shoes, because you never know when nature is going to call!

#2 – Fluids

Fluids!  Nobody wants to dehydrate.  I’ll be chugging some Fruit2o all day long.

#1 – Rubick’s Cube

An old Rubick’s cube I never finished.  Damn you Mr Rubick!



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