8 Minute Meditation – Week 1

Picture of 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich

Today is my first day with my meditation handbook, “8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich and I am excited to begin.   And truth be told, I’m shocked that I have been looking forward to my first session.

It’s a good day to begin.  Not only is it a Sunday, but it is also Christmas.  So this is my gift to myself.  It’s also a good excuse to begin because we can pretty much all agree that the holidays bring a lot of stress.

The first week’s exercise is simply just to breath.   Well, it’s not that simple because you also have to train yourself to “catch and release” your thoughts and to calm your “roving mind” as Mr Davich puts it.  This all falls under the category of “easier said than done”, but like any new task, practice does make perfect.   And I’m optimistic that I can do this.

So without any delay, I’ll begin week one, day one.  This will be my first 8 minutes that I’ve sat quietly and allowed myself to not do anything in a long time.  Although, looking at things different, I will be doing something for myself.  So maybe I’m not actually not doing anything that has a tangible result at this time.

I hope to post an update in a few days before I start with week two.

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