A Celiac’s Gluten Free Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day date for many includes dinner, movie, or something a little special after, but for someone with Celiac’s Disease, Valentine’s Day can bring worry and stress. Enjoying a Gluten Free Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable if you think beyond the dinner plate.

The not so happy Diner

Those without allergies or food related reactions, going out for a meal with friends and loved ones is a time to socialize, have a good time, connect, and spend some quality time.  Maybe it is networking, getting to know someone, sharing ideas, or just catching up.

To someone with Celiac, each trip to a restaurant or eating out is like playing a game of chance.  Did the waiter explain to the cook your allergy?  Did they understand your concerns?  Will the chef cook your meal the way you asked and not accidentally cross contaminate your dish?  Will those plating the dish follow the same care and guidance required to make sure your dish is safe?   And finally, will the waiter remember to put your dish separate and not contaminate your food when they serve you?

What about your silverware, your plates, or your drinks?  What about the people there before you?  Was the table cleaned well enough where there aren’t any crumbs?

And as if these worries weren’t enough, with the fast pace and rush on Valentine’s day for these businesses to serve as many people as possible, it could be very easy for a mistake to happen.  I’m not saying cross contamination can happen, or that every food establishment can be careless.  I’m just saying accidents do occur.   And those of us with Celiac, it takes extremely little to set off a reaction.

Dining out for someone with Celiac Disease is a very stressful time.  For me personally, there is little joy in meeting friends for dinner, or eating anywhere that I am not in control of the meal prep.

Make the day special by skipping the meal

How about instead of dinner, you plan for something else?   This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, so by the time one gets home from work and all, that the list of alternatives are not as long as they could be for a weekend, so I’m trying to my best to come up with alternative suggestions.

  • Skip the dinner and go right to the movie
  • Watch a movie on Netflix
  • Binge watch a series on Netflix
  • Play a board game
  • Play a card game
  • Break out an old gaming console and get retro
  • Finally, make plans for the weekend

Still insist on dinner?

One of the ways that can ease the mind of someone with Celiac Disease is to know that food prep and service is safe.   For those that still want food on Valentine’s day, here are some simple suggestions.

  • Find a Gluten Free only place to eat
  • Cook dinner at home
  • Order Take-Out

A simple idea for any Gluten Free Valentine’s Day

Peace of mind is a great gift that anyone can give.   Simply asking a Celiac what they prefer to do can go a long way in having an enjoyable date for the two of you.

Having a quiet tummy can go a long way to enjoying your date.   Enjoy your Gluten Free Valentine’s Day.

Do you have some other ideas?

Do you have any ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day Gluten Free?   I would love to hear from you, so go ahead and click on that comment button and leave me some feedback!

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  1. For Valentine’s Day, Pie Craft in Wantagh was a great place for dinner! They have a gluten free pizza menu with a dedicated gf oven. They even have gf desserts and beer! Highly recommend going there!

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