Why is everyone but me so upset by Papa John’s Gluten Free Pizza?

Kudos to Papa John’s for creating a Gluten Free Pizza Crust! But as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. But why does everyone seem so upset with them?

Let me start off by saying that I love pizza.  Heck, I’m from NY where we have the best pizza, or at least that is the way I remember it before going gluten free!

Pizza is a staple, its a part of life.  And some from where I am from would argue that pizza is one of the basic needs to sustain life – somewhere on the chart higher than shelter!

Before I start my rant – please keep in mind that I’ve never eaten at a Pappa John’s.  They came into my ‘hood after I was diagnosed with Celiac.  Peyton Manning loves them, so they must be good pizzas, right? Continue reading “Why is everyone but me so upset by Papa John’s Gluten Free Pizza?”

Ten Items You Will Want When Preparing for a Colonoscopy

It’s that time again, time for the dreaded Colonoscopy! Below is my list of 10 not so serious ways to pass the time when preparing for a colonoscopy.

“Butt” Why?

It has been several years since my last upper and lower scoping and I’m not even 40!  Since I recently switched GI doctors, my new doctor feels that getting a new baseline is a good start in our relationship.   Now I use the term “relationship” here ummm, loosely?

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A Celiac’s Gluten Free Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day date for many includes dinner, movie, or something a little special after, but for someone with Celiac’s Disease, Valentine’s Day can bring worry and stress. Enjoying a Gluten Free Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable if you think beyond the dinner plate.

The not so happy Diner

Those without allergies or food related reactions, going out for a meal with friends and loved ones is a time to socialize, have a good time, connect, and spend some quality time.  Maybe it is networking, getting to know someone, sharing ideas, or just catching up.

To someone with Celiac, each trip to a restaurant or eating out is like playing a game of chance.  Did the waiter explain to the cook your allergy?  Did they understand your concerns?  Will the chef cook your meal the way you asked and not accidentally cross contaminate your dish?  Will those plating the dish follow the same care and guidance required to make sure your dish is safe?   And finally, will the waiter remember to put your dish separate and not contaminate your food when they serve you?

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