About Me

Welcome to MrCeliac.com!

My candid and open blog about my life with Celaic Disease. I’m from New York and my NY attitude will shine through from time to time. Please take this warning – some posts may be so true and honest, they could be NSFW!

I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac disease since 2009. It was a sigh of relief in a way to finally have an answer as to why everything I ate bothered my stomach. After so much time being gluten-free, and after seeing so many other resources on the web, I thought I would take the time to share my story, my tips, and my recipes.

A few years ago, I was told I had IBS-D in addition to my Celiac. I believe this diagnosis is puts the “BS” in IBS, and was a quick “solution” from my GI doctor at the time.

This blog will also describe how I am dealing with the ‘joys’ of Celiac Disease with medication, dietary changes, and also some physical/mental changes as well.

About Me

As I’ve stated above, I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac disease since 2009. This is my first real attempt at blogging and sharing my experiences. I am an adult male shy of 40 and it’s time to think about some health changes in my life. That’s where some of this blog comes into play. I love to cook, try new foods, and share ideas.

Long Island, My Home

I live, work, and belong on Long Island. From the beaches to the local access to all things big and small, there isn’t much to dislike about living here. Maybe all things except for the taxes, traffic, and stress.

I was born and raised on Long Island. Hopefully my daughter will enjoy her life here as well. While taxes and stress are a part of living here, and I would love to one day move to a place where I know I have neighbors, but don’t need to see them, I do enjoy living here. Part of the Long Island experience is having everything you want or need in close proximity. I’m about 45 minutes away from NYC, but hardly ever visit Manhattan.

I lived on NY Style Pizzas, Donuts, Bagels, Pretzels, and deli sandwiches growing up. What a change life became once I had to stay away from Gluten. No more All American, no more late night pizza, or hitting a drive through. Nope, life was different, but there were other food places around here that I could try. And, to be honest, if I didn’t have Celiac, I never would have given these places a second thought. But they’ve become places I visit, and I plan on writing about them here as well.

Why am I doing this?

There are blogs out there, forums, and other resources for Celiac Disease, Gluten Free lifestyles, and several sites that define the “disease” and what it’s effects are. I’m not here for that, I’m just here to share my story.


As a new way of dealing with stress and IBS (they go hand in hand), I’ve been told that Meditation could help. I was not the type of person to think of meditation as a form of therapy. To me, meditation was something that hippies and Buddhist Monks would practice. Eventually, I gave mediation a chance, and I can see the benefits. My life seems a little more relaxed, I’m able to ‘center’ my life, and part of my blog will deal with my new journey through meditation.


Plain and simple, I’m lazy, and I have no motivation to want to work out. It is too easy to feel tired after I eat, and too many times the pains keep me in my chair. This year, I need to stop that. I have a young daughter that I can’t keep up with and that bothers me. In addition to learning to meditate, this year I’m going to learn how to eat better with my already restrictive diet, and also get off that couch and work out.

My plan for the year is to do the popular Reddit “Body Weight Fitness”. And just like mediation, I plan to document my journey as a part of my blog.


I don’t consider myself a blogger. I’m just a guy with a messed up stomach, a big gut, and the determination to make another change in my life.

Here is to a new me in 2017!