8 Minute Meditation – Week 4

Picture of 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich

Today was a great day for meditation.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I did my  “8 Minute Meditation” not once, but twice!   We’ll get to why in a moment because I want to lay out what this week’s practice is.

Week 4 is called “This Magic Moment”, and this is exactly what I experienced today.   This week, I’ve been practicing labeling the thought that enter my mind while meditating as “past” or “future”.   The “present” is now, and that is where you want to be, present, aware, and a part of this “Magic Moment”.

So why was my “Magic Moment” so powerful that I doubled up on my meditation?

It has to do with a fluke chance of being at the right place during the right time.   Last week, a vender of ours at work scheduled a meeting at Captree State Park.  For those of you outside of Long Island, Captree is a little beach community located in Suffolk County, NY, along the same barrier as Jones Beach, Tobay, and just north of Robert Moses.   Captree is home to both Captree Island, and Captree State Park.   Captree State Park is also in visual distance of the Fire Island Light house, and the US Coast Guard Station located on Robert Moses.

Today was a very warm day for January, almost hitting 60 degrees.  This was a great day to be at the beach and I decided that since our meeting at Captree ended just shy of noon, I would drive to the next parking lot and walk the boardwalk during lunch.     Finding a park bench on the beach along the water’s edge and close to the Robert Moses Causeway, I decided that I would try my first outdoor meditation.

I noticed the warmth of the January sun on my face as I sat there.   I smelled the salt water.  I heard the sound of seagulls calling as they flew along the water’s edge.   The sound of the water kissing the beach and the cars moving over the large span of the Robert Moses bridge.  There were pilots practicing their skills in the air over the beach, announcements in the distance from the Coast Guard station, and still, I was present.   I had my first chance to put each skill of my 4 weeks of practice to use.  This is what I have been waiting for.  I was “here”.  I was “present”.   And most important, I was starting to have that “Ah HA!” moment.

In week 1, I practiced my breathing.   Week 2 was listening.  Week 3 was the body sensations.   Finally, week 4, my Magic Moment!

I’m sold.  Meditation isn’t just for who I expected to do meditation.   Meditation was something that I realize I enjoy and is something that I now look forward to doing.

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