8 Minute Meditation – Week 3

Picture of 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich

Here I am, three week’s into Victor Davich’s “8 Minute Meditation”.

The test this week is to notice a body part sensation, make it your focal point and then wait for it to be replaced by another sensation in another body part.   My problem this week is everything feels like an itch and I have to fight the urge to scratch.  I am sure that this is not what should be happening, and doubt is starting to settle in.

I’m still pretty impressed with myself.  3 weeks into the series and I am sticking with it.   I know that if I slip up and skip a day, it will be very easy to skip two, then three, then more.

For now I have to keep with it and learn to sit and stay focused.   Trying to meditate early in the morning or late at night seems to have an extremely relaxing outcome and I think I doze off more than meditate.  I’m still waiting for that “AH HA!” moment to arrive.  Maybe I’m forcing it or maybe I just expect it to happen.

One thing is for sure, I feel a lot more relaxed during my day.   I treated myself to a new Fitbit Charge 2 and I’m seeing a positive trend on my resting heart rate.   So even if I don’t have my mental “Ah HA!”, I still see some physical positives.

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