8 Minute Meditation – Week 2

Picture of 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich

I’ve done something I’ve never done before, a full week of meditation.   Was it everything I thought it would be, no, but that is ok according to the book “8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich .

Week 1 wasn’t so bad, and week 2 doesn’t seem all that difficult, at least in theory.   This week’s exercise is the “Naked Sound”, and since I seem to be comfortable meditating in my cozy Lay-Z-Boy in the basement, I don’t know how much “Naked Sound” I can expect.   Besides the constant drone of a computer fan, some other ‘always on’ electrical components, it’s pretty quiet in my basement.   Well, there is that 3 year old jumping around upstairs to contend with, so without focusing on those rhythmic bangs from the bottom of her sneakers on my hardwood floor, it’s time to focus on the sound.

After practicing for a few days, I began to realize that meditation is a practice.   I am supposed to listen to the sounds and let them go without analyzing them, but it isn’t nearly as easy as one would expect.   Each sound brings with it an emotion or a slight expectation as to what is, where it came from, and how long it will last.

Even with the insulation is being underground in my home’s basement, there is still the sound of cars rolling by on the street, helicopters and planes flying past the house, the sounds of neighborhood dogs, and the sounds of life past my shut eyes and open ears.

Eight minutes goes by fast when you are finding yourself distracted by what goes on around you when you are finally listening to it and for it.   It does take a few days of practicing to learn that these sounds come and go like waves in the ocean.  Let them come, and let them go, but don’t try to hold onto them.   The purpose of this week’s exercise is to let the sounds come and go but learn how to keep your center.

After completing week two, I feel as if I understand where this Meditation training will take me, and my eyes are now open to the possibilities.  I’m a little upset that I’ve allowed myself to feel that Meditation was just for “hippies” and “free minds”.  After my 8 minutes, I feel relaxed, at peace, and different.

I am looking forward to week 3.

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