8 Minute Meditation – Round 2 – Week 1

Picture of 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich

I’ve completed the 8 weeks of Victor Davich’s , “8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich a few weeks ago, and I am excited to begin the process again!

I’ve learned through the previous 8 chapters, that meditation is a practice.  Yes, that sounds a bit cliché, but I can finally explain why!

Sticking with a daily practice is no different than grooming yourself for a new healthy habit.   Unless you are truly going to give it an honest effort, you are going to find out that you aren’t going to follow through with it.   It’s kind of like saying, “Yes, I know I’m overweight, out of shape, (or insert your lifestyle change here), but maybe I’ll do something about it tomorrow”.   You’ve already given yourself an out.    But if you make time daily to go out for that walk, learn that new skill, or practice meditation, you are going to find it hard to keep up with the task you’ve set out to do.

And I’m not saying that Your’s Truly is a perfect example of what to do.   When I first started with the 8 week program, I was pretty impressed with myself.  I had gone a few weeks of hitting meditation every night and it was starting to feel like this was something I understood.

But then it happened……  I skipped a night.    I got right back on the next night, but now it felt a little different.    Eventually, I skipped two nights in a row, and then what became a few nights all of a sudden became a week.

Now, going back to the meditation was a little difficult.   I was out of practice!   I felt like I was lost, and sitting for 8 minutes for a session felt like an eternity.

So yes, while I did complete the 8 week course, I did not do it in 8 weeks.   And this is also why I’ve decided to start all over again.   I’m starting from the beginning and make time for that new habit again.

So here we begin again, practicing with “Just one Breath”



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